Charge cars without expensive extension of the network infrastructure? The Invisia charging and load management system allows you to use underground garages, parking spaces and entire districts for e-mobility. Our solution ensures that electric vehicles are charged reliably without overloading the domestic connection.

The number of electric cars on Swiss streets is increasing every day. This has an obvious impact on the way people refuel: cars with internal combustion engines are refuelled on the road, but electric cars are charged while they are parked, which generates a new series of challenges in terms of energy management.
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Three steps to your individual, powerful and future-proof e-mobility charging solution.



Create an electromobility concept

The scope of the project is agreed during discussions with the client (number of charge points, type of installation, etc.).


Installation of the Invisia Cube

The Invisia Cube and the charge points are installed in collaboration with the preferred electrician.


Configuration of the Invisia Cockpit

The charge points are integrated into the Invisia Cockpit and the required system settings and access rights are stored.


Invisia e-mobility solutions convince with exceptional performance. The flexible satellite system also makes them future-proof: start with a few charge points and extend the charging infrastructure later to suit your needs.

Is the district to be developed particularly complicated or do you have an idea for a special business case? We will happily develop a concept with you. Customer-specific solutions are the challenges we like best.


Modular satellite system for development of a district

Is your car park a complex shape with more than one supply line? Or would you like to offer a charging infrastructure at several parking spaces that are some distance apart? No problem: the Invisia Cube deals with the central communication, while control can be handled by local Satellite Cubes, which can be installed as required. This allows cost-efficient development of whole residential areas and neighbourhoods.

Save costs

Save costs thanks to integral load management

In conventional load management solutions, the electrician has to create an additional distribution point for the supply lines to the various charge points on the main or sub-distribution board. This is no longer necessary with the Invisia Cube. The load input (up to 125 A) and the load outputs (up to 4 x 63 A) are an integral part of the Cube.

E-car models

Charge all models of electric cars reliably

If several electric cars are charging simultaneously, the available current is distributed to the vehicles so that they charge more slowly. For some models, such as the popular Renault Zoé, this is a problem as this vehicle needs a minimum charging current. If the minimum charging current is not available, the charge point reverts to an error mode. Not so with the Invisia Cube! This checks the characteristics of all the vehicles and thus prevents unnecessary call-outs.

The one and only intelligent dynamic system

Although most load and charging management systems are dynamic, the Invisia Cube offers an intelligent and dynamic charging and load management system with exceptional performance due to its real-time measurement facility. Instead of just reserving a specific quota of current for electromobility, the Invisia Cube recognises in real time how much current is being used in the building or district and is then able to distribute the remaining capacity to the available charge points. The energy available is used much more efficiently, avoiding expensive increases in the domestic connection.

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Smart grid-ready

If a large voltage drop occurs in the grid due to exceptional circumstances, conventional systems default to an error mode. Not so with the Invisia Cube: it has a control function (grid command receiver or IP-VPN) that allows energy suppliers to access the charging system if required, and to switch it off and on again in a controlled manner. This control mechanism increases the property’s overall system security significantly.

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Unique charge time management for users

Should electric vehicles be charged with solar power? Or should a specific charge point always be locked down overnight? The app allows users to select from a range of specific charging modes provided by the operator in Invisia Cockpit with just a few clicks and to set individual procedures. The available power is then distributed to all live charge points according to the selected priorities.

Monitoring and billing in Invisia Cockpit

Both operators and users of the charging solution can access all the data they are allowed to see at any time. An overview of power consumption is therefore available at any time, as well as the current electricity costs for individual charge points or the whole system. The charge points can be billed by the operator or allocated to the relevant energy supplier through an interface.

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