We are busy designing solutions now to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


Invisia Cube

This is where everything comes together – the Invisia Cube is the beating heart of our energy and charging management system



Electromobility is the future. We ensure the infrastructure is always moving forward.


Invisia Cockpit

Complete control, whenever, wherever – the Invisia Cockpit is our mobile control centre


Solar & electricity

Using solar power, even if the sun is not shining – not a problem with the intelligent Invisia solution


Water & heat

Make efficient use of excess energy – we help reduce your heating and hot water bills


Smart Grid

The network of the future provides many benefits – Invisia leads the way here



Mit der Invisia ZEV Lösung verwandeln Sie Ihre Immobilie bereits heute in ein kleines Energiewerk des Energieversorgungsystems von morgen.



Mit unserer Z-EVU Lösung können Energieversorger ihren ZEV Service ganz einfach erweitern.



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