uptownBasel PV-Anlage und bidirektionales Lademanagement

uptownBasel with bidirectional charging management and PV system

On the Schorenareal site in Arlesheim, a development and production site for selected technology companies is being built on around 70,000 square metres. It is being built here for future generations - the company Fankhauser Aralaentwicklung AG is focussing strongly on sustainable and ecological thinking. Invisia's task here was to merge electromobility with the building.
uptownBasel PV-Anlage und bidirektionales Lademanagement
uptownBasel PV system and bidirectional charging management

Anyone who favours ecology also builds an impressive photovoltaic system on the roof, as can be seen here on the uptownBasel building. This PV system supplies electricity for the building and for electromobility. Invisia ensures that the electric cars are charged with CO2-neutral electricity.

Trends have been set here. With bidirectional charging, electric vehicles can not only absorb electricity, but also feed electricity into the grid. This system can help to stabilise the electricity grid by storing surplus electricity when demand is low and feeding it back into the grid when demand is high. In addition, bidirectional charging enables car owners to use their vehicle as a mobile energy storage unit, for example to supply their home with electricity or to sell electricity to others.

To summarise, these are some of the advantages of bidirectional charging:

  • Stabilisation of the electricity grid: Buffering of energy surpluses and supply in the event of high demand
  • Increased energy efficiency: Optimised use of renewable energy sources
  • Emergency power supply: Possibility of supplying the home in the event of power outages
  • Cost savings: sale of surplus electricity to the grid operator
  • Promotion of renewable energies: support for a sustainable energy ecosystem
uptownBasel bidirektionales Lademanagement
uptownBasel bidirectional charging management
uptownBasel AC Ladestation Lademanagement
uptownBasel AC charging station

Standard 22kW charging stations from ABB were installed, which are controlled via the Invisia load and charging management system and fed with PV power where possible. In this way, the DC charging stations from EVTEC, which are located outdoors, are also supplied with energy from the PV system.

The Invisia server is used for load and charging management.

Project facts:

  1. 14 x ABB Terra AC 22kW charging station
  2. 5 x sun2wheel bidirectional charging stations
  3. 2 x EVTEC 64kW DC charging station
  4. PV system on the roof
  5. Public eMobility charging stations
  6. Energy management from Invisia