Merbag Dietlimoos PV & ZEV

Merbag housing estate invests in the future with PV and ZEV

A new urban neighbourhood has been created on an area the size of around ten football pitches to the south of Zurich - Dietlimoos in Adliswil comprises around seven building plots. The modern development offers space for around 430 rental flats, which impress with their contemporary design and high-quality fittings.

With the Dietlimoos neighbourhood, we have successfully completed our largest project to date. Our Invisia software makes it possible to equip entire neighbourhoods with intelligent self-consumption solutions and thus make a significant contribution to the energy transition.

Details on the Dietlimoos project:

Merbag Dietlimoos Front

Sustainability and future viability were the focus for the developers of Merbag Immobilien AG when realising this ambitious project. Photovoltaic systems were installed on all roofs from the outset in order to maximise the use of renewable energies. The aim was to develop an environmentally friendly residential concept that is both energy-efficient and economical.

The long-term benefits for the environment and future generations were also taken into account during the planning phase. By integrating these systems, it was not only possible to cover a significant proportion of the buildings’ energy requirements, but also to feed surplus energy into the public grid, generating additional income and accelerating the amortisation of the investment.

But that was just the beginning. The aim was to increase self-consumption of the solar power generated and offer tenants cheap electricity from their own production. The initiative was not only intended to be economical, but also to make an important contribution to promoting electromobility.
The plan was to efficiently integrate photovoltaic systems in order to reduce dependence on conventional energy sources and promote a more sustainable energy supply.

The project was seen as an investment in the future that would offer not only economic but also ecological benefits. By utilising state-of-the-art technologies and innovative energy management systems, it was possible to achieve a balance between generation and consumption. Care was always taken to ensure that the measures were beneficial for everyone involved by reducing energy costs while minimising the ecological footprint of the residential complex.

Merbag Dietlimoos PV- und ZEV-Installation
Merbag Dietlimoos PV- and ZEV-Installation
Monitoring Merbag Dietlimoos
Monitoring with Invisia app

With our energy management system (EMS) developed in Switzerland, the ambitious goals of the Merbag/Dietlimoos project were achieved without any problems.

Electricity billing is carried out by means of the ZEV (association for own consumption) in close cooperation with our partner Infrastruktur Zürichsee.
Not only is the electricity consumption from the photovoltaic systems and the grid electricity precisely recorded and billed, but the meters are also seamlessly integrated into the rental model and are comprehensively managed by Infrastruktur Zürichsee.

This integrated system enables transparent and efficient management of energy flows within the project, which increases both ecological and economic efficiency.

The entire system is monitored via the Invisia app (see image beside).

Project facts:

  1. PV production on all roofs
  2. Load and charging management electromobility
  3. Charging stations from ABB
  4. Self-consumption association (ZEV)
  5. Collection for the ZEV
  6. Rental model for ZEV meters
  7. Energy management for optimising self-consumption