Lademanagement IKEA

Charging management for the IKEA administration building

IKEA has long been committed to sustainability. With our Invisia charging solution, employees can now charge their electric cars - and with our Invisia Cockpit, simple and fair billing of electricity costs is also ensured.

Our charging management for the IKEA administration building in Pratteln

Sustainable energy has long been a focus for IKEA. Over 1.9 billion Swiss francs have been invested in renewable energies since 2009. The company is now also promoting electromobility in its administrative buildings in Switzerland: the first site in Pratteln has been equipped with ten charging stations, with ten more to follow in two years’ time. When it comes to charging management, Ikea relies on our Invisia Cube solution: the electricity is distributed intelligently to the integrated charging stations and all important data can be viewed at any time via the Invisia Cockpit app.

Invisia Cockpit also makes it easy to bill employees for the electricity they use. And that’s not all: during discussions with Ikea, we became aware of a new requirement and integrated it into the Invisia solution in just a few weeks: It is now possible to set a quota: Employees are automatically notified by email when a loading volume that can be flexibly set by IKEA has been reached. This way, employees know that they can now move their car and release the electric parking space for another colleague with an electric car.

«Sustainability is important to us – also in the area of mobility.»

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Facts and figures

  • Electromobility incl. billing via the Invisia app
  • Underground parking garage of the IKEA administration building in Pratteln
  • 10 wallbe Pro charging stations with special columns
  • Installation: August 2018