ZEV mit PV und eMobility

Profit from self-produced electricity

Invisia’s ZEV solution (combination for self-consumption) maximises the benefits of the photovoltaic system on the roof for everyone involved.

Four reasons in favour of the ZEV solution from Invisia:

  1. Cost savings: joint purchase and sale of energy reduces the costs of all parties involved.
  2. Environmentally friendly: Reduces the need for conventional energy and promotes renewable energies
  3. Independence: Increased energy self-sufficiency and less dependence on energy suppliers
  4. Flexibility: The ability to better harmonise energy generation and consumption with the needs of those involved.

How the ZEV solution works

In a self-consumption association (ZEV), the self-generated solar power in one or more buildings is used directly by the community – self-consumption is increased.
As a joint consumer vis-à-vis the energy supply company (EVU), a ZEV is responsible for metering and billing itself.

Become an energy supplier with a ZEV:

  • Profitable photovoltaic electricity tariff for investors and residents
  • Precise measuring instruments for fair and equitable billing
  • Load and energy management works with maximum precision and avoids overloads
  • Everything under control at all times with the Invisia Cockpit (web application)
  • Additional integration of energy storage systems (heat pump, heating element, battery storage)
  • Independent billing via the Invisia platform or automated billing via third parties

The following states are possible within the scope of the ZEV

Direct consumption

The electricity is generated on your own roof with a solar system and consumed directly by the ZEV participants (tenants, condominium owners). This direct solar electricity is the cleanest electricity of all.

Surplus electricity

The solar system produces more electricity than is currently required in the building. If no battery storage is available or if it is already charged, the surplus solar power is fed into the public grid for a fee – the property then acts as a small power station, so to speak, and provides clean solar power for the general public.

Power shortage

At certain times, the building may consume more electricity than the solar system can currently produce. If the battery storage system is also empty, the required electricity is drawn from the public grid. From a total ZEV consumption of over 100 MWh per year, this electricity can even be purchased on the free electricity market, which brings further price advantages.

ZEV without energy management

In connection with a photovoltaic system, self-consumption of the energy generated is of central importance.
In a pure ZEV without automatic control (energy management) of the energy consumers, the proportion of self-consumption in the overall system is lower.

ZEV with energy management

If intelligent energy management is used, a significantly higher proportion of locally generated electricity can also be consumed directly. This can further reduce the amount of energy purchased from the electricity supplier, which also has a positive financial impact.

Technical implementation of the connection for own consumption (ZEV)

And here’s how it works:

  1. The ZEV (self-consumption association) is initiated.
  2. Private energy meters are installed.
  3. All measurements are routed to local management via communication.
  4. The ZEV internal energy consumption is billed independently. The energy supply company only issues an invoice for the balance meter.

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