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Energy Management System

The Invisia energy management software was developed in Switzerland for Switzerland. The main aim of energy management is to monitor, control and reduce energy consumption. As a result, costs can be saved and the environmental impact reduced.

Why use EMS?

These are the five advantages of an energy management system from Invisia:

  1. Energy efficiency: optimising energy consumption and reducing costs
  2. Sustainability: supports environmentally friendly applications and the use of renewable energy
  3. Peak load management: efficient use of energy during peak times to reduce costs
  4. Compliance: fulfilment of legal regulations and emission standards
  5. Transparency: better control and monitoring of energy consumption and costs.

Utilising your own energy

The Invisia Energy Management System (EMS) coordinates the most important consumers in the building and ensures that the majority of the self-produced energy is consumed by the building’s own photovoltaic system (PVS) and not fed into the public electricity grid. The EMS also has the positive effect that investments in renewable energies can be amortised much more quickly.

Showering and heating the floor with solar energy – the Invisia software can not only control and optimise energy consumption, but also use surplus solar energy to heat heating and domestic hot water. In this way, the energy generated by the solar system is optimally utilised and exploited at all times. The result is a higher return on investment for your system and lower energy costs.

Whether apartment blocks, commercial buildings or entire sites: we reduce your heating and water costs

Install the Invisia Cube and integrate the solar system and the desired energy consumers.

Install electric heating inserts in the buffer cylinder and/or electric boiler.

Utilise surplus solar energy to heat heating and domestic hot water cost-effectively.

Several PV systems in one system

Would you like to integrate an entire housing estate with several photovoltaic systems into your energy management system? No problem: the Invisia Server can also combine several buildings into a single energy management system. This not only saves costs, but also resources.

Invisia Cockpit overview

The entire system can be monitored and billed fairly via the Invisia Cockpit. The cockpit is not only visible to operators: All users of the ZEV can be involved and experience live how an intelligent energy system can reduce energy consumption and costs. This increases motivation to actively help save energy. The Invisia web app offers all system users the opportunity to track their personal consumption in real time.

Video shows charging management in the cockpit
Video shows energy management in the cockpit

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