Title Energie Monitoring

Monitoring of energy consumption

The comparison of planned and measured data is an important process for an efficient energy balance, but also for compliance with ESG targets and the CO2 reduction path. Buildings should not only be well planned and constructed, but also optimally operated. In collaboration with Minergie, Invisia offers Monitoring+ for this purpose.

These values are measured during monitoring

Why do we need monitoring?

Monitoring for residential and commercial buildings contributes to the following points:

  1. Achieving sustainability targets
  2. Increase energy efficiency
  3. Fulfil legal requirements
  4. Ensure transparency
  5. Managing risks
  6. Achieve continuous improvements

Monitoring is a key component of a comprehensive ESG management system for buildings.

Everything at a glance, monitoring with the Invisia Cockpit

The Invisia Cockpit is the control centre for energy and charging management. Here, operators and users can keep an eye on all important data at all times and from anywhere. The performance and consumption of the integrated energy sources, storage systems and consumers can be monitored, controlled, optimised and billed with just a few clicks.

Video shows charging management in the cockpit
Video shows energy management in the cockpit

In the Invisia Cockpit, each user’s personal, authorised data is processed in real time and displayed in a clear, graphical format. If desired, the data can also be downloaded as an XLS file for further processing.

Billing energy costs simply and detailed billing

Energy billing on your personal terms can be conveniently carried out by downloading the costs as XLS or XLM or by importing the data into your system. We are also the only provider to offer a detailed breakdown of costs into high and low tariffs in accordance with the Swiss standard.

Settlement of costs convenient outsourcing

Thanks to an interface, the billing of costs can also be easily outsourced to the responsible energy supplier. You no longer have to worry about billing. Electricity costs – for example for electromobility – are clearly shown to users in the normal electricity bill.

Data security: Swiss cloud storage and guaranteed privacy

Our data centre is located in Switzerland and meets the highest security standards. Data is transferred via encrypted VPN and HTTPS and only the data that is really necessary for energy management is collected. We guarantee absolute privacy and your data remains your property.

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