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Bill energy consumption simply and fairly

Today, energy is a precious commodity that we use every day, whether at home or at work. It is therefore important that energy consumption is billed simply and fairly, especially if the electricity is produced by a PV system.

Anyone who has to feed self-produced electricity back into the grid today is often making a loss. The aim is to use as much of the electricity you produce yourself as possible.

These are the advantages of fair billing of energy costs:

  • Cost savings: Consumers can save money through conscious energy consumption
  • Environmental protection: Less energy wasted leads to lower environmental impact
  • Satisfaction: Transparent billing and good service increase the satisfaction of tenants and owners
  • Sustainability: Fair billing is a step towards sustainable energy
  • Profitability: The ability to sell the electricity you produce yourself makes investing in a photovoltaic system more interesting

Billing services and providers

Do you want to bill yourself using the existing measurement data or have everything done automatically?

We have a solution for every need. With minimal effort for the administration and fair tariff transparency.

What is consumption-based energy and water billing (VEWA)?

Consumption-based energy and water billing (VEWA) is a method in which energy and water are billed based on actual consumption.

Die Vorteile von VEWA sind:
  1. Fair distribution of costs
  2. Incentive to save energy
  3. Transparent billing
  4. More accurate cost recording
  5. More environmentally friendly consumption

Billing ZEV – Invisia Cockpit

The Invisia Cockpit enables administrations to use energy reports as a basis for billing and to provide all relevant billing data.

Simplify invoicing and outsource debt collection

If the management processes need to be simplified, the Invisia system can be connected to platforms such as Zevvy, Infra or Egon. This means that the entire debt collection process can be outsourced or massively simplified by creating a ready-to-send utility bill.

Billing – e-mobility

The charging process is finished, the vehicle is fully charged and you drive off – in most cases, however, this process is not the end of electromobility.

The billing processes in the background represent a new challenge for many administrations and property owners, which can be significantly simplified with Invisia. This makes e-mobility a pleasure for everyone involved.

Invisia Pay – Easy for administration and fair for the user

With Invisia Pay, electric mobility is billed simply and fairly. The charging processes are paid for directly by credit card or TWINT and are reimbursed to the administration quarterly.

Invisia Cockpit

The measurement data from the Invisia Cockpit can also be used as a basis for billing for electromobility. The stored tariffs (high and low tariff) can be evaluated depending on consumption and can therefore be used by the administration for independent debt collection.

The process can also be automated by billing via a backend provider. Invisia works with providers such Move and eCarUp. Other providers are welcome to check.

The same Move or eCarUp charging card can then be used for charging at home as well as at public charging stations.

Billing – Additional interfaces

Would you like to integrate your own solution? No problem.
The Invisia software can be imported into your system via an API or via automatic data reports as an XLS or XML file via FTP server.

Energy costs simple and bill in detail

Energy billing according to your personal conditions can be done conveniently by downloading the costs as XLS or XLM or by importing the data into your system. We are the only provider to also provide a detailed breakdown of the costs in high and low tariffs according to Swiss standards.

Offsetting the costs
conveniently outsource

Thanks to an interface, the billing of costs can also easily be outsourced to the responsible energy supplier. You no longer have to worry about invoicing. Electricity costs – for example for electromobility – are clearly shown to users in their normal electricity bill.

Data security: Swiss cloud storage and guaranteed privacy

Our data center is located in Switzerland and meets the highest security standards. Data transmission takes place via encrypted VPN and HTTPS and only the data that is really necessary for energy management is collected. We guarantee complete privacy and your data remains your property.

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