Management of apartment blocks and commercial properties

The management of multi-family houses and commercial properties faces a variety of challenges, particularly in the area of electromobility and energy efficiency.

Invisia’s solutions address six key points that simplify the lives of managers: From smart charging management and load management for electric cars, to automated billing of charging stations, to correct billing of self-generated solar power. Invisia also supports tenant and car park changes as well as monitoring energy consumption and compliance with ESG targets.

Top 6 energy topics for administrations:

Charging management and load management from a single source

Billing of charging stations for electromobility

Billing ZEV correctly

Change of tenant and car park

Trade fairs and monitoring for tenants and ESG topics

How much funding do administrations get

These 6 points simplify the work of multi-family houses and commercial property managers


Charging and load management e-mobility

Challenge: The energy, which comes from the power station and possibly from the PV system, should be distributed evenly and fairly among the tenants’ electric cars. Overloading of the grid should also be avoided.

Solution: Invisia’s load and charging management regulates the charging processes, distributes the electricity fairly and at the right time and ensures that the load on the grid remains within the prescribed limits.


Billing of charging stations

Challenge: At the end of the month, each tenant should receive an invoice for the electrical energy they have used in kWh. And with as little effort as possible for the administration.

Solution: Invisia’s new web app makes billing charging stations easier than ever for administrators. Tenants and users pay fully automatically by credit card or Twint. And without the administration having to issue invoices.


Correctly bill some ZEV

Challenge: The solar power generated on the roof and the surplus electricity fed into the grid must be passed on to the tenants without major administrative effort and with fair tariff transparency.

Solution: The Invisia Cockpit enables administrations to use energy reports as the basis for billing and to provide all billing-relevant data. Or leave the billing to us.


Change of tenant and car park

Challenge: New tenants move into car parks or additional charging stations are installed. It must be easy to integrate these into the charging management and billing systems.

Solution: Invisia’s load and charging management enables the administration to automate the process via the Invisia Pay app. All the tenant has to do is scan a QR code and off they go.


Trade fairs and monitoring for tenants and ESG topics

Challenge: Tenants and managers want to be able to call up and analyse energy consumption and electricity costs at any time. The administration also wants to know whether the ESG targets are being met.

Solution: Invisia offers Monitoring+ in collaboration with Minergie. This allows energy costs to be billed simply and in detail. Billing is outsourced and all this with maximum data security, Swiss cloud storage and guaranteed data protection.


Apply for funding for administrations

Challenge: Subsidies can be applied for from the federal government, canton and municipality for the construction of solar systems or charging management, for example. How much are these and where can they be applied for?

Solution: In Switzerland, there are various subsidy programmes for energy management and refurbishment in the area of property management. Invisia can advise you on how to apply for subsidies for energy measures.

How self-consumption works

By intelligently controlling as many components as possible, self-consumption of almost 90% can be achieved on a sunny day, as this example shows.

In this apartment building with 8 residential units and a photovoltaic system of 30 kWp, a ZEV with optimisation options for heat storage and electromobility was implemented.

Evaluation with the Invisia App

An additional stationary battery would not be expedient here due to the dimensions of the PV and the already high level of self-consumption.

The possibility of detailed analysis on the Invisia Cockpit interface enables the energy utilisation habits of each individual property to be understood and further improved where possible.

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