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Increasing in own consumption

In a world that is increasingly committed to sustainability, the use of renewable energy sources such as solar energy is becoming more and more important. A photovoltaic system is an excellent way to generate environmentally friendly energy. But how can you increase the self-consumption of your photovoltaic system and thus reduce your ecological footprint?
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What do I need to bear in mind for my own consumption?


What is energy self-consumption?

Before we dive deeper into optimising your photovoltaic system, it’s important to understand self-consumption. Self-consumption is the proportion of solar energy generated that is used directly in the household instead of being fed into the grid. Higher self-consumption means that less electricity has to be drawn from the grid.


Time-controlled energy consumers

Use time-controlled energy consumers to increase your self-consumption. This means that appliances such as heat pumps or radiators are automatically switched on when the photovoltaic system is producing electricity. This minimises the consumption of grid electricity. Energy storage in the form of heat is usually the more cost-effective alternative to battery storage and can already increase self-consumption considerably.


Invest in an energy storage system

One of the most effective ways to increase self-consumption is to purchase an energy storage system in the form of a battery. Batteries can store the surplus electricity generated by the photovoltaic system during the day and use it later when the sun is not shining. This allows you to maximise the use of the energy you generate.


Efficient household appliances

Modern, energy-efficient household appliances. They consume less electricity and enable greater local utilisation of your own solar energy.


Smart energy management systems

Installing a smart energy management system can further optimise self-consumption. These systems monitor the energy flow and automatically control consumption to ensure that as much electricity as possible from the photovoltaic system is utilised in the building.


Regular maintenance of the solar system

Don’t forget to maintain your photovoltaic system. Clean solar modules and well-maintained components work more efficiently and produce more electricity.


Training and counselling

It is advisable to seek advice from experts in order to maximise your self-consumption. Some energy companies offer training and advice to help you utilise your photovoltaic system efficiently.


Financial incentives and support programmes

Find out about possible financial incentives and support programmes for increasing self-consumption. Some regions offer incentives to facilitate the switch to renewable energies.


Monitoring systems

By installing a monitoring system, you can track the energy flow in real time. This means you always know how much electricity your photovoltaic system is producing and how much you are consuming.


Energy-efficient behaviour

Finally, your behaviour is also crucial. Try to use energy more consciously. Switch off the lights when you leave the room and reduce unnecessary power consumption.

Increase self-consumption with the Invisia Cube

Install the Invisia Cube and integrate the solar system and the desired energy consumers.

Measure, analyse and optimise energy generation, demand and consumption.

Dimension and integrate the battery storage system according to the energy surplus.

How self-consumption works

By intelligently controlling as many components as possible, self-consumption of almost 90% can be achieved on a sunny day, as this example shows.

In this apartment building with 8 residential units and a photovoltaic system of 30 kWp, a ZEV with optimisation options for heat storage and electromobility was implemented.

Evaluation with the Invisia App

An additional stationary battery would not be expedient here due to the dimensions of the PV and the already high level of self-consumption.

The possibility of detailed analysis on the Invisia Cockpit interface enables the energy utilisation habits of each individual property to be understood and further improved where possible.

Control with the EMS from Invisia

With Invisia energy management, we get the best out of you by optimising energy flows, increasing the proportion of self-consumption, reducing peak loads and marketing energy surpluses profitably.

We analyse your energy consumption, advise you on the choice of appliances, adapt the use of your consumers to the available power and thus optimise your processes in terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness. You benefit from a higher profitability of your system and lower energy costs.

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