Energy management in a multi-family house

Invisia presents the flexible photovoltaic solution for terraced houses and estates.
  • Make the most of your own electricity
  • Benefit from perfect energy distribution
  • Forget annoying overloads

Needs of my settlement

The tricky part is the electrical supply line: an overload of generated electricity would push the fuse to its limits and a blackout could no longer be ruled out. Invisia’s load management dynamically orchestrates energy consumption. The production of the photovoltaic system is optimally controlled and supplemented with grid power when necessary.

My own needs

I want to be able to use as much self-produced electricity from my photovoltaic system as possible. Thanks to sophisticated technology, the Invisia system not only guarantees the highest possible self-consumption for your home. It also includes an optimized power supply right through to the electric car – thanks to automated charging processes at the charging station.

Impressively flexible:
the advantages at a glance

  • Invisia’s photovoltaic system allows optimized charging for both individual houses and the entire estate.
  • Several dynamically synchronized measuring points are possible.
  • The load and energy management works with the highest precision and avoids overload.
  • With the Invisia app, you have everything under control at all times.
  • ZEV (self-consumption) allows all residents of a development to benefit from locally generated electricity, thereby increasing the property’s return on investment.
  • Among other things, the Invisia platform makes it possible to carry out the billing of energy purchases independently or have them carried out by third parties.

Load management in settlements

  • Benefit from your own PV electricity
  • Automatic & solar-optimized charging
  • Invisia Cockpit Visualization

Here’s how it works:

  1. Intelligent energy meters are installed behind the individual consumer fuses (one per house) and connected to the WLAN.
  2. The energy meter measures the current values of photovoltaic electricity production, compares them with consumption and draws electricity from the grid as required.
  3. The values are transmitted to the Invisia cloud via the Smart Meter Cloud using an API interface.
  4. The Invisia system analyzes the electricity production of each photovoltaic system, reacts dynamically and can also control the connected charging station for the electric car.

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Lademanagement-Konzept für GEWOBAG

Immer mehr Menschen kaufen sich ein Elektroauto. Das stellt auch Verwaltungen vor eine Herausforderung: Es müssen sichere und skalierbare Ladeinfrastrukturen installiert und Ladestromkosten einfach und fair verrechnet werden. Mit unserer Lösung ist die GEWOBAG auf diese Entwicklung vorbereitet.

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